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Kevin Cascais Nisterenko

Honors Student of Computer Science at the University of Arizona and Portuguese-Brazilian dual citizen looking for opportunities as a full-stack software engineer. You can check out my resume or scroll down and contact me through your preferred method.

Work Experience

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant - University of Arizona CS Department         
August 2021 - December 2021

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the Computer Science department at the University of Arizona. Directly responsible for 20 students and their grading and course success. Helped students understand fundamental concepts of Computer Science in Python, such as Recursion, Trees, Linked Lists and Classes.

Business Research Intern - iSAW
August 2021 - December 2021

Intern for iSAW, a non-profit that focuses on accelerating gender equality in the workplace.
Part of a team of 7 people that together with the CEO, oversaw business research and case
study for women equality, specifically using the ESG framework.



Used Java to create an object-oriented simulation of a garden. The simulation uses inheritance and aggregation to form and simulate the growth and removal of different types of plant objects according to user input. window

Used Python to create a graphical video game/simulation program. The game functions similarly to the popular game, in which the player must avoid and consume circle objects to increase in size.

Encrypter and Decrypter

Used Python to create a text file encrypter and decrypter programs. The encrypter shuffled the information of an input text file and produced a key file, containing the encryption key. The decrpyter program then read both files and reconstructed the original text file.


Analysis of Discrete Structures (Data Structures & Algorithms)
Analysis of algorithms and characteristics of discrete structures. Course topics include algorithm analysis techniques, recurrence relations, structural induction, hierarchical structures, graphs, hashing, and sorting.

Computer Organization
Basic machine organization; elementary hardware concepts; CPU internals. Machine operations and instructions; assembly language concepts and programming.

Software Development
An introduction to the development of large scale software. Topics include modularization, design patterns, documentation, unit testing, source code control, build systems, debuggers, and performance tuning; all of the tools necessary for developing software as opposed to writing small programs.

Discrete Math in Computer Science
Set theory, logic, discrete structures; induction and recursion; graphs and networks; techniques of proof.

Programming II
This course provides a continuing introduction to programming with an emphasis on problem-solving. It considers problems drawn from a variety of domains,including Computer Science, and emphasizes both the broader applicability of the relevant data structures and programming concepts, as well as the implementation of those structures and concepts in software. Topics include: arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, searching and sorting; classes and objects; invariants; asymptotic complexity; program development, testing, and debugging.

Programming I
An introduction to programming with an emphasis on solving problems drawn from a variety of domains. Topics include basic control and data structures, problem-solving strategies, and software development tools and techniques. Specifically, the Python programming language will be taught.


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